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Ticketed citizen steals handheld computer, drive off.

Time: 2:17 p.m.

Location: 1300 block of Iriving Street NW

Officer: Tham Kamara

Incident Report: Parking Officer Kamara states that at 2:17pm he issued a ticket to a brown Toyota parked in violation of “No Parking Anytime” when a man approached him and asked him to take the ticket off his car. Off. Kamara states he refused. The man then threatened Off. Kamara saying, “If you don’t take or pull that stupid thing off of my car, I will knock your brains out.” Off. Kamara response was, “you will be in trouble with the law”. Off. Kamara states the man’s response was, “fuck the law”. Off. Kamara states the man pushed his hand towards his car, and that is when Kamara lost control and his handheld computer fell to the ground. The man picked the handheld up and got in his vehicle and drove off.