1204 V St. NW

List price: $949,000

Previous sale price: $612,000 (June 2002)

Square footage: approximately 3,300

This three-bedroom home in the heart of the U Street corridor offers plenty for the young, hip, and ironic: The “Old-Town contemporary” features amenities to match its oxymoronic description. For instance, the contemporary towel racks serve as “Old-Town”-style doorstops in the bathroom. The refurbished brick-and-vinyl façade hides an untended weed garden. The modern, wood-finished staircase juxtaposes nicely with the dated metal escape ladder hanging outside the third-floor window. And the second-story “owner’s kitchen,” complete with stainless-steel and granite adornments, serves as a counterpoint to the worn-in kitchen on the bottom floor. Not sold yet? Then maybe you’re a classic-film fan: The view from the back will appeal to fans of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. It’s perfect for viewing all sorts of heinous crimes in the heart of the D.C. police’s 3rd District, which this year, through July, has seen 1,159 thefts, 21 sexual assaults, and nine murders.

—Brian Beutler

Art accompanying story in the printed newspaper is not available in this archive: Photograph by Darrow Montgomery.