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Re the article on 3820 Veazey (Seller’s Market, 9/9):

I hope Brian Beutler knows more about writing than he knows about real estate. I suspect he lives in the suburbs and will probably stay there.

The property is a semi-detached Federal Wardman Porchfront with a garage, three levels up and one down. The neighbors believed

the price to be substantially low, and fellow agents wanted to know if I had intentionally priced it below market.

Beutler’s defense of fact seems to fade in the desire to fill space. Possibly a trend. I hope the editor will be careful if sending the young boy to do real journalism.

Radiator heat is the best type of heat available anywhere, anytime, and at any price. The areas of storage that buyers eternally seek out are very organized by the present owner. The storage areas are not cluttered and are separated by doors, thus not amid the recreation area. There are two-and-a-half baths, not the two initially purported in our brochure or the one-and-a-half that Beutler noted.

Beutler referred to the laundry room as “claustrophobic.” Laundries with more space are infrequent, but probably more familiar to Beutler from the Washeteria or the shared laundry in the basement of his apartment building.

The areas of storage that buyers eternally seek out are very organized by the present owner.

I could sell more houses like this if there were sufficient inventory. The continued low interest rates, the price of fuel, the congestion of the streets in D.C., and the desire to own a piece of this town will ensure a continued strength in real-estate values.

By the way, there were three offers, two with escalations, and several hopeful homeowners hoping that the property would linger through this weekend. If Beutler or any other hopeful homeowners at your rag are waiting for the prices to go down soon, I believe you will wait a while.

Thanks for the attention.

Real-estate agent