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I send my thanks and appreciation to Huan Hsu for “The Church of Latter-day Singles” (7/29).

I appreciated the journalist’s balance of humor and insight, and the candor of the article. It’s true that the church’s emphasis on marriage creates a unique culture among the “aging availables”—and that there are many who struggle to live in accordance with their beliefs and the unique circumstances that exist in communities where people hope to balance natural passions with a willingness to adhere to a life of orthodoxy. The article seemed to recognize (and I wish this were not so rare—in articles about all religions) the difference between culture, individual interpretation, and doctrine.

I especially appreciated the care that was taken in checking of sources; so many are willing to print statements ascribed to Brigham Young, and it is refreshing to see that you’ve put in the effort to find out the facts.

I am a member of the church in the Dallas area, and I like the chance to see one of my religion’s subcultures presented in such a lively and humorous manner.

Watauga, Texas