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To quote: “Bastards”!

That’s the Washington City Paper’s “Crafty Bastards” posters, two of which I pulled off of a tree in the 1700 block of Q Street NW. It is illegal in the city—although the law is widely ignored—to post notices and posters on public signs and especially trees. It is particularly thoughtless to use nails and staples to affix commercial notices to trees—as was done with your posters.

Four staples are not likely to kill a sturdy old tree, but continuing this practice defeats the efforts of many—neighbors, the Casey Foundation, the city’s arborist—to restore the much depleted tree stock in the city.

How about instructing your “Bastards”-poster posters not to affix them—by any means—to trees? And remove the ones that are stapled to trees elsewhere in our neighborhood?

It’s still illegal, but it’s better to stick to sticking things to light posts.

Dupont Circle