Loose Lips reported (9/9) on Maurice Daniels, political consultant, and his Think D.C. PAC. Daniels bought a house here three years ago, LL reports, so that means he missed Linda Cropp’s years as member and president of our school board, during which period the schools went down the toilet. How does she think she can do better as mayor? She drove a gold-colored Jaguar around town to her taxpayer-reimbursed luncheons at the Palm and Georgia Brown’s. I saw her in person.

She’s been on the D.C. Council and chairman of the D.C. Council, and yet she has done nothing but collect a salary. Blood still runs in the streets, and our kids continue to be short-changed by our failure to provide books and facilities to learn with and in. Daniels better think again, not Think Cropp.

North Cleveland Park