Tariq Khan, a 27-year-old Air Force veteran and a junior at George Mason University, was arrested on Sept. 29 after standing next to a Marine recruiter’s table with a sign reading, “Recruiters lie. Don’t be deceived.” That much made an Oct. 4 Washington Post brief. What happened next eluded the paper’s account: A cafeteria full of students urged on the arresting officer with chants of “Kick his ass! Kick his ass!” Others shouted, “Punch him!” “Hit him!” “Kick him!” and “Take him down!” The officer brought Khan to the ground and placed him in a chokehold, witnesses say, then picked him up and pushed him onto a 3-foot stage before pulling him back off. “His head made a horrible cracking noise. A bunch of people went, ‘Oooh,’” says Jen Barnard, the Language Department office manager. Several students and a staff member then piled on top of Khan to help the officer cuff him. An investigation into police—and nonpolice—misconduct is under way, says university spokesperson Dan Walsch. —Ryan Grim