Since I moved to this area less than six years ago, I’ve picked up the Washington City Paper just for the classifieds and calendar. I’m not an avid reader, so the paper’s brand of stories (long and investigative) just didn’t appeal to me. But lately I’ve been captivated by some of the most informative, daring, and well-written journalism that I’ve ever seen.

A few examples? The City Paper’s “coverage of the coverage” (Dept. of Media, “Storm Surge,” 9/9, “A Bridge Too Far,” 9/16) of Hurricane Katrina by the Washington Post and the other mainstreams, most notably, the New Orleans bridge story; and that absolutely true story about the politics and kowtowing of the workplace (“The Drone Ranger,” 8/26).

Anyway, I just want to say thank you for keeping an eye on the media—and finding the stories that others try to bury.

Silver Spring, Md.