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1318 28th St. NW

List price: $3,500,000

Previous sale price: $2,000,000 (June 2002)

Square footage: 3,592

Residents of D.C., welcome to Georgetown! This five-bedroom colonial has been in the hands of powerful Washingtonians for nearly two centuries. How do the powerful live? They apparently like labyrinthine layouts and take relish in head-smashing staircases, no more than 6 feet high. And don’t think the easy life is easy in every way: The rich and famous do their laundry in dank, tucked-away quarters just like the rest of us mortals. Fortunately, they do get to enjoy split-level bathrooms and central stereo-sound systems. And ladies, if you fancy a former insider whose name rhymes with Steorge Gephanopolous, you’re in luck: You might find some of his hair lingering in the drains of the spacious master-bath suite. —Brian Beutler

Art accompanying story in the printed newspaper is not available in this archive: Photograph by Darrow Montgomery.