If you’re a transgendered rapper and you’re trying to name your first album, you can’t do much better than Katastrophe did. His first album, Let’s Fuck, Then Talk About My Problems, pairs voluptuous beats with confessional lyrics. Granted, sometimes Katastrophe’s problems can be hard to relate to: Five years ago, his collaboration on “CandyAss,” the theme for the lesbian porno Sugar High Glitter City, was nominated for Best Soundtrack by the trade journal Adult Video News. Alas, it lost out to a tune by Snoop Dogg. Then again, when the San Francisco–based 25-year-old raps about how much he loves the ladies, who can’t relate? When you go shake it to Katastrophe this evening, let the words of another white rapper, MC Frontalot, guide you: “I promise if you visit, you can meet some queers/And if you love even just one, hooray!/If you don’t, well I hope you enjoyed your stay/And you’ll go on your merry way/With the chorus of my song slowly turning you gay.” The HottBoxx (featuring special guest Katastrophe) starts at 9 p.m. at Phase One, 525 8th St. SE. $3. (202) 544-6831. (Bidisha Banerjee)