You’d think that in the meat-deprived, postapocalyptic world of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro’s 1991 surrealist comedy Delicatessen, vegetarianism would be on the rise. But, as sure as debilitating oil shortages and the resultant rampaging gas prices can’t keep us city folk from buying Hummers, you can always count on humanity’s passion for excessive consumption in even the leanest of times. So it is that an amicable ex-clown looking for a job at a butcher’s shop finds his tender flanks the main course for a building full of tenants who aren’t about to let a charge of cannibalism get in the way of a mouthwatering meal. Man-beef: It’s what’s for dinner. Bring your A1 sauce when the film screens at 7 p.m. at Catholic University’s Koubek Auditorium, 620 Michigan Ave. NE. Free. (202) 319-5188. (MB)