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NAME: Craig Vaughn

GRANT APPLIED FOR: Small Projects Program; city offers up to $1,000 “to make grant funds more accessible for small-scale arts projects.”

MONEY NEEDED FOR: costs associated with applicant’s design work

BACKGROUND: In his application, Vaughn claims that “for more than twenty years” he’s been the “personification of a quality, a great natural ability, great mental capacity, creative imagination and inventive ability.” He has created Happy Hamster Productions and Sign of the Times Graphics to channel his visionary work. He also says that he’s a musician, a “television or movie concept” writer, and a “quick learner.”

PLAN: According to his project description, Vaughn plans to “professionally catalog all genius talent and design work produced up to this date.” He’s asking the city to help pay for, among other expenses, $75 per hour in personnel fees for “me, my value, my time” and $100 in unspecified space rental.


STATUS: denied

UPSHOT: Vaughn says he “cannot tell” why he was turned down, but he speculates that the process is “basically to the discretion of the persons seeing the material.” His rejection hasn’t compromised his confidence: “I feel that my artwork is outstanding,” he says.

—Mike Kanin