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An accounting of the Washington Post’s recent photographic decisions Washington Post editors no doubt take their jobs seriously. Over the years, they’ve thrown the venerable paper’s resources at the biggest breaking-news stories. Just by scanning an edition’s photographs, readers can get a solid snapshot of the day’s important issues.

Over the past three weeks, that meant a lot of newsprint face time with Harriet Miers. During that period, the Post has run a whopping 34 photos of the U.S. Supreme Court nominee. Also of import is infant panda Tai Shan. Despite fierce competition from the National Zoo, whose Web site boasts a “pandacam,” editors at the Post have managed to remain near the forefront of cuddly-cub coverage. That includes a Panda Watch feature and an impressive 21 total photos of the rare bear—four more than ran during the same period of President George W. Bush.

Here’s a breakdown of prominent figures whose stories the Post deemed important enough to illustrate with a picture, from issue dates Oct. 2 through Oct. 22.—Mike Kanin

Harriet Miers—34

Tai Shan—21

George Bush—18

Tim Kaine—13

Jerry Kilgore—10

Condi Rice—9

Tom DeLay—9

Ben Ladner—7

Jack Evans—6

Doug Duncan—6

Louis Farrakhan—5

Mick Jagger—5

Patrick Fitzgerald—4

Karl Rove—4

Paul McCartney—4

Ronnie Earle—4

John Roberts—4

Charles Ramsey—4

Mark Warner—4

Judith Miller—4


Saddam Hussein—3

Marion Barry—3

Michael Steele—3

Patrick Leahy—3

Jim Graham—3

Linda Cropp—3

H. Russell Potts—3

Arlen Specter—3

Cancer-ridden Giraffe[CK]

Dick Cheney—3

—Mike Kanin