That was a very interesting article on Ballou Principal Daniel Hudson (“The Education of Daniel Hudson,” 10/21). I feel he received a raw deal. One reason why Art Bridges was so popular was because he was the father figure to a large percentage of the children at Ballou, most of whom were from single-parent homes. That withstanding, Ballou needed a change—more discipline and more emphasis on education. This was resisted by those few individuals who wanted to maintain the status quo by just drawing a paycheck and not caring enough to offer the discipline and guidance needed by students. Undisciplined students’ behavior and lack of respect, especially for teachers, causes a ripple effect on the majority of students, who are interesting in getting a quality education. Why is the Ballou band so good? Discipline, dedication, and a genuine interest in the students by the band director.

I have two children who have graduated from Ballou, both of whom will be completing college soon. During my frequent visits to the school, I found a genuine interest in the students by a majority of the teachers, because the teachers saw that I took an interest in my children’s education. Discipline starts at home. A large percentage of parents whose children attend Ballou show no interest in their children’s discipline or education by attending PTA meetings or talking to the principal and teachers, but instead play the blame game as to why their children are skipping classes, dropping out of school, and/or ending up in the criminal-justice system. The principal and teachers cannot and should not have to raise our children. Parents have to be more diligent, and those few teachers who don’t feel a need to offer guidance to our children need to find another profession.

As for William Lockridge, I feel, personally, that he cares more about his image than the overall benefit of the children. I believe Hudson.

Washington Highlands