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Last week (The Mail, 10/21) you published a letter from a reader in Alexandria suggesting that “non-Hebrew-speaking Americans” wishing to understand Judaism read the works of Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky.

Shahak and Mezvinsky, both born to Jewish parents, are notorious for publishing anti-Semitic works of bogus scholarship in which they deliberately distort Jewish texts to “prove” such canards as the assertion that Jews worship the devil, that Jewish teaching encourages the murder of non-Jews, and that Jews worship multiple gods.

You published one such Shahak canard: “Both before and after a meal, a pious Jew ritually washes his hands, uttering a special blessing….[H]e is worshiping Satan, who likes Jewish prayers…”

The letter writer then darkly asserts that Shahak and Mezvinsky’s books are hard to buy in this country, and suggests that would-be readers resort to an online hate-literature store. You even obligingly published the store’s name.

That a Jew-hater lives in Alexandria and sends his anti-Semitic canards to the letters page is sad. That a respectable newspaper would publish such a letter is shocking.

Newton, Mass.