2306 North Capitol St. NW

List price: $599,000

Previous sale price: $210,500 (September 2003)

Square footage: 1,492

Does “Mid-City Elegance” perfectly define both your self-image and your real-estate aspirations? Then here you go! At 20 blocks from Capitol Hill, 18 blocks from Adams Morgan, 25 blocks from Dupont Circle, and 10 blocks from the nearest Metro station, this four-bedroom Bloomingdale row house is indeed near the action, if not smack in the middle of it. Plus, you can enjoy the location in this life and the next—you’ll be living across the street from Prospect Hill Cemetery. And let’s not get started on elegance: For instance, you’ll certainly enjoy the balcony. In case you’re worried that its downward-sloping deck and creaky, water-damaged foundation might cause vertigo, there are four-and-a-half remodeled bathrooms scattered throughout the property, each a perfect receptacle for your vomit.—Brian Beutler

Art accompanying story in the printed newspaper is not available in this archive: Photograph by Darrow Montgomery.