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Rector: The Rev. John M. Graham

Congregation Size: Approximately 150

Service Length: 1 hour

Sample Worshipper Dress: Gray linen slacks, blue oxford shirt, woven belt

Crying Toddlers: 1

Sunday-School Students Tied Up With Yarn: 5

Congregational Fervor: Attracted by what Graham terms “elegant surroundings,” worshippers remain subdued and reflective throughout the service. 4 stars

Food For The Soul: In a recent sermon, Graham established his congregation’s accepting nature by examining the necessity of “bringing in that which has been excluded.” Citing David’s experience reclaiming the kingdom of Jerusalem, Graham said that practicing the commandment to love thy neighbor is good “not just for kindness and compassion. When we include the excluded, we all become more powerful.” Following the sermon, Graham took a brief moment to bask in recent Chicago White Sox victories. 4.5 stars

Food For The Body: A rotation of congregants provides the Sunday brunch, which more than one attendant described as “the best coffee hour in Washington.” One week’s haul included cheese, crackers, a veggie tray, grapes, Oreos, and a birthday cake. 4 stars

Overall Worship Power Rating: When asked whether there has been any uproar among the congregation over Grace’s accepting nature and liberal policies, Graham is decidedly graceful in his response: “One person had become uncomfortable and moved on,” he says. “But they’ve since returned to us.” 5 stars

—Aaron Leitko

Art accompanying story in the printed newspaper is not available in this archive: Photograph by Darrow Montgomery.