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It might not be the most dignified of all professions, but any gig that lands you a spot under the sheets with both Kim Novak and Marlene Dietrich sounds like it’d be worth swallowing a little bit of, uh, pride for. Such is the case for WWI-veteran-turned-man-of-the-night Paul (David Bowie) in David Hemmings’ 1978 drama Just a Gigolo, who makes a living prowling the streets and ballrooms of ’20s Berlin for grieving war widows in the mood for a little lovin’. Bowie’s character wasn’t the only one in Gigolo to earn a few bucks by compromising himself: Dietrich came out of retirement and self-imposed isolation to take the part of an aging baroness (and sing the title song)—a role for which she was reportedly paid $250,000 for only two days’ worth of work. That’s pretty pricey for a quickie. The film screens at 7 p.m. at the Library of Congress’ Mary Pickford Theater, 101 Independence Ave. SE. Free. (202) 707-5677. (Matthew Borlik)