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Getting cheap gasoline in this city typically means enduring a blockslong queue for a radio station’s “Free Gas Friday.” But drivers who pulled into the BP at 13th and N Streets NW on Oct. 28 stumbled upon another cut-rate-fuel source. The unofficial promotion began earlier that night, when five juveniles, ages 15 to 17, mugged a man near Logan Circle. According to police, the man, trying to fend off the attack, threw his wallet at the youngsters. The kids booked it over to the BP, where they offered to fill customers’ tanks using the man’s credit card—“‘Hey, I’ll pump $20 of gas for you for $10’—something like that,” according to police Lt. Mike Smith. The number of people who got the illicit discount that night is uncertain, but it probably wasn’t many, because a cop was stationed across the street; three of the juveniles were arrested. —John Metcalfe