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Pat Graham and Melanie Standage, a married couple based in London, have been on a yearslong mission to rescue the humble Polaroid camera from the art-world dustbin. In “Past/Perfect,” they present a portfolio of black-and-white and color Polaroids whose carefully thought-out mounting belies their fundamental spontaneity. The two have used their collection of outmoded cameras to painstakingly record the visuals of their lives, from their friends and pets to the food they eat to the musicians they have worked with. One features only images with the colors yellow and red; another organizes views from an American road trip into a fragmented documentary; and yet another turns the amorphous organizational principle “spaces” into a mesmerizing jumble of church roofs, gas-station overhangs, deserted plazas, and faded diners. But the real treasures are the occasional images that harness the quirky characteristics of Polaroid film: the premature fading, the hyperreal colors, and the tunnels turned to blurs by slow shutter speeds, all of which force the photographers to compose their landscapes more carefully than one would expect in a medium known for its casualness. The show is on view from 1 to 7 p.m. (to Nov. 26; see City List for other dates) at Transformer Gallery, 1404 P St. NW. Free. (202) 483-1102. (Louis Jacobson)