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Police officers patrolling the 1st District in October were attacked twice as often as has been the recent norm—thanks, police say, to perps fueled by PCP. According to Cmdr. Diane Groomes, the punishments inflicted on officers have been numerous: When officers tried to apprehend a man swatting passing cars with a traffic cone on Benning Road NE, the man struck them, injuring one sergeant and four officers. When officers busted a drug deal on the 1400 block of Ives Place SE, it took five cops to subdue one of the perps. Groomes adds another incident: A guy “high as a kite” busted a cop’s ankle and head. “The officer had his teeth chipped out,” says Groomes. Of the 10 officers felled, two remain off-duty. Lt. Frank Allman confirmed the hits to his troops: “Naturally, this does cause a problem for our officers, [due] to the extraordinary strength and imperviousness to pain that these people exhibit,” he wrote in an e-mail. “Several officers in my section are out on injury now.” —Jason Cherkis