Three graduates of the University of the District of Columbia’s (UDC) law school are giving their alma mater a taste of their legal training: On Nov. 13, Tiffani Johnson, Kimberly Farenholtz, and Debbie Anderson sent a letter to Mayor Anthony A. Williams announcing their intent to sue the District over an incident at their May graduation ceremony. As officials conferred an honorary degree upon Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at the MCI Center event, a group of law students and faculty erupted in protest and marched to the opposite end of the arena. There, the letter alleges, MCI security personnel seized their signs—which bore such slogans as “No Torture”—thereby violating their free-expression rights. University spokesperson Mike Andrews says that UDC had no control over MCI’s security; the students counter that university personnel were ultimately in charge. The university, Anderson says, needs a lesson in constitutional law: “They don’t seem to understand what the First Amendment is about—or what being a public university is about.” —