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Locked display cases aren’t just for Drakkar Noir, Dutch Masters, and condoms anymore. Local drug stores are placing bath soap and body wash inside them, too, requiring customers to find a store employee to hand them their Irish Spring. Many CVS stores now safeguard their Safeguard from shoplifters: A survey of 15 local CVS locations turned up eight keeping soap out of customers’ reach. (None of four Rite Aid stores surveyed were doing so.) No CVS managers would comment on the policy, and company spokesperson Mike DeAngelis declined to say how long the no-soap-for-you campaign has been underway. “I think most consumers understand why these steps need to be put into place,” he says, “when specific items have been identified as targets for shoplifting.” But thwarting thieves with glass won’t necessarily cut stores’ losses: Says CVS customer Jill Léger, “Sometimes I’ll just go to Safeway instead of trying to find a clerk to help me out.” —