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I could not discern an opinion in Loose Lips’ (12/2) commentary about the scurrilous personal attacks on Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham. Because Graham has tenaciously gone after establishments that have a record of violence and death, mayhem, etc., some people (with a veiled reference to ex–Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Sinclair Skinner as supporter) put up posters declaring Mr. Graham “Grahamzilla” and showing “Graham opponents” being lynched while Graham and “young white men” stand by on the plantation.

Well, well, well. It doesn’t take two seconds to see who is really living on the mental plantation, and it isn’t Jim Graham and the “young white men” depicted on his poster. I find it amazing that the people who often complain the loudest about racism often turn out to be the worst example of racists I could imagine. Can you fathom any white people doing that and not having newspapers trumpet that all over the country?

You know, my mother came to D.C. in 1942, and most neighborhoods then were white. So things change—so what?

But this is the sort of high level of intellectual thought one runs into in D.C., not least among supposedly “hip urbanites” who populate the city now. I am just wondering how the hip urbanite writing Loose Lips could possibly be neutral in reporting this incident. Well, I guess being a liberal often means having to lie to yourself and those around you, right? Because you would be afraid to be labeled a racist, you can’t tell it like it is, can you?

By the way, have you ever noticed it is always the Washington City Paper and the Washington Times that report on graft and corruption in the city government? Well, the Washington Post actually came out with a story last week that showed in-depth reporting (!) on the fact that the city last year “misappropriated” over $400 million! In one year!

How about that baseball stadium now, eh? Man, the D.C. government could build a new stadium every two years with money under the table. I guess that makes the big bad oppressors not look so bad.

That’s OK, man. We’uns don’ wan’ talk ’bout dat, cuz we’uns still livin’ on the plantation of the mind, don’t ya know!

Vienna, Va.