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Washington Post (Metro section)

Budget: $0

Location Home of Virginia editor Mike Semel

Food: Huge chocolate cake made with donuts; other stuff

Drink: Wine, soda, and bottled water

Entertainment: Skit parodying editors meeting

Washington Examiner

Budget: Small

Location Examiner’s D.C. and Virginia offices

Food: “Kind of a pizza party,” says Editor John Wilpers.

Drink: No alcohol

Entertainment: “We don’t even plan on singing,” says Wilpers.

Metro Weekly

Budget: Small

Location Home of Editor Sean Bugg (tentative)

Food: Linguine with shrimp scampi, strawberry and spinach salad, and red velvet cake (tentative)

Drink: Apple martinis, beer, and unsweetened iced tea (tentative)

Entertainment: “Whatever they choose off the iPod and video games,” Bugg says, adding that he has an Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube at his Falls Church home. (tentative)

Hill Rag, East of the River, and DC North

Budget: “No idea”

Location Banana Cafe

Food: Finger food. “Better than the Washington Post,” says Andrew Lightman, managing editor of Capitol Community News, which owns the three community papers.

Drink: Rail drinks purchased with tickets. Each guest receives two to three tickets.

Entertainment: “We have a lot of politicians coming,” Lightman says. “I think I’d rather not quote the guest list to you.”

Washington Blade

Budget: Advertising trades

Location Halo

Food: Appetizers, possibly including fruit and cheese, shrimp cocktail, mini crab cakes, and mini quiches. “That’s probably all that we are going to be getting,” says Kevin Smith, director of Projects and Planning.

Drink: Open bar for two hours

Entertainment: Music, piped in. “We have a voting thing going on for best employees,” Smith says. Winners get swag CDs and DVDs.

On Tap

Budget: Partially through ad exchange, depending on the night’s bar tab

Location District Chophouse

Food: “Heavy appetizer spread,” explains publisher James Currie. “Anything above that is on the employees.

Drink: Rail drinks, beer, and wine from 7:30 until last call

Entertainment: Pool tables and gift bags containing gift certificates to restaurants and tickets to Wizards and Caps games (received in trade for ads)

Roll Call

Budget: N/A

Location Zola’s EyesOnly Room

Food: Food stations to include pasta, finger food, and possible meat-carving dude

Drink: Open bar

Entertainment: “They pipe in music for us,” explains Jennifer Myers, marketing director. “They actually will take our CDs. I haven’t gotten that nailed down yet. We probably won’t go 50 Cent. Maybe we’ll throw in some holiday songs and some party mix.”

Capitol File

Budget: N/A

Location Olives

Food: Employees can order what they want, including drinks

Drink: ?

Entertainment: ?

DC Style

Budget: N/A

Location Somewhere in Philadelphia

Food: TK

Drink: ?

Entertainment: ?


No party

“We just never done one,” says publisher Peter Wolff. “I don’t know. I guess we’re too busy….It’s not that we’re Scrooges—we’re fun people. We go our separate ways.”