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Shoppers at the 3 for 10 resale shop in Columbia Heights can buy three shirts for $10—and commune with nature while they’re at it: A brown squirrel has moved into the shop, occasionally running between the aisles or, as was the case on Dec. 9, ascending the pants leg of a mannequin. “She’s been here for about four months,” says employee Sonya Marquez. “In the summer, we keep the doors open, and she just started coming in. We’d try to chase her out, but one day, she just didn’t want to leave.” D.C. Bureau of Community Hygiene Bureau Chief Peggy Keller says squirrels aren’t exactly a dire public-health threat—“There’s never been somebody who’s died from a squirrel bite”—but warns that keeping squirrels isn’t safe. “People like to feed them, and sometimes they mistake your fingers for peanuts,” says Keller. “And it is prohibited.” Marquez says that the critter hasn’t caused any trouble so far. “Sometimes she scares the little kids, especially when she appears out of nowhere, [but] she just likes to play around,” she says. “Plus, it’s cold outside.” —Isaiah Thompson