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She Came Home

Standout Track: No. 1, “She Came Home,” a thumping, vocal-free, seven-minute-plus electronic groove with locked-in percussion and dueling synthesizer hooks. The Takoma Park, Md., DJ duo of Ari Goldman and Jason Letkiewicz gets busy with old-guard techno hardware instead of new-fangled beatmaking software. “One synthesizer/sequencer and one sampler/sequencer, pretty basic MIDI stuff,” Goldman says.

Musical Motivation: The song, which has been part of the duo’s sets for a year or so, was “influenced in certain ways by Detroit techno, Italo, Chicago house, filter-disco, etc.,” Goldman says, adding that the goal was to balance elements from all those clubland subgenres “without seeming derivative.” The resulting tune is stylishly robotic without piling on too much Euroflash.

Goldman and Letkiewicz refined that sound, in part, by playing everywhere and anywhere over the past three years. So hunkering down with the tools and sweating the details has a fresh appeal. “Our recent goal has been to focus more on production and calculated releases as opposed to tons of live performances,” Goldman says. “We hope it is equally enjoyed at home, but it’s dance music. It’s made for dancing.”

Quality Control: The track’s title was supposed to be a nod to director/composer John Carpenter’s horror classic Halloween, which carries the tagline, “The Night HE Came Home!” Apparently, nobody bothered to check IMDb. “Well, for some reason we fucked up and accidentally named the song ‘She Came Home,’” Goldman says. “We don’t know how that one slipped by.” —Joe Warminsky