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Thanks to a next-door neighbor’s corner-cutting excavation, Denise Washington’s Shaw town house collapsed on Aug. 9 (“Rise and Fall,” 8/26/05). But that wasn’t the end of Washington’s run-ins with her neighbor, Timothy Adeyemi. When she returned to the site with an insurance agent last month to see what might still be salvageable, she says, she discovered that Adeyemi’s contractors had removed a plywood board from the front door, had sawed a lock off the back door, and were inside her home; neighbors saw the workers throwing things from her house into a dumpster. Washington ordered the workers out and called police, and she’s filed civil and criminal actions against her neighbor. Since the collapse, Washington’s consulting business, which she ran from her home, has been on hold. “This has been a continuous nightmare,” she says. Adeyemi says he had unselfish motives: The D.C. government mandated that the shared wall between their properties be fixed, he says, and that that’s what his contractors were doing. As for breaking into her home and throwing her stuff in a dumpster, ”Nobody did that,” Adeyemi says. “We are not crazy.” —Arthur Delaney