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It looked so darling when you saw it at the store. It was clumsy and fuzzy; how could you not take it home? Those first few months were great, but eventually the novelty wore off. House-training wasn’t much of an issue, but there were other problems. Namely noise. The constant foot-pedal noodling, the out-of-tune guitar, the bowed gong. Sometimes it went on all night. The neighbors were not pleased. Soon enough, it was dragging in trashy keyboards off the street and cluttering up the house. When it started bandying about such terms as “improvisational ethics of interaction,” you began to rethink your decision. But what can you do? You’re stuck with it for however long it lives. Well, you could just tie it to a fence post and drive away. But how could you do that to the Cutest Puppy in the World, which plays with Na, Gestures, and Death Chants at 8:30 p.m. at the Warehouse Next Door, 1017 7th St. NW? $7. (202) 783-3933. (Aaron Leitko)