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What’s with the Washington City Paper’s recent trend toward bashing other media outlets? I’m specifically referring to “The 2006 Pulitzer Prizes” (1/6), as well as the recap of other publications’ holiday parties two weeks before (Dept. of Media, 12/16/05).

OK, so there are silly articles in other local newspapers and magazines, but each has a specific audience, e.g., those looking for a good hair salon probably do turn to Washingtonian, not City Paper, and for weather reports and related pontifications I’d choose the Washington Post, so what’s the problem? Each article is also suspiciously uncritical of City Paper itself. Why no dish on the City Paper holiday party, if any?

There’s plenty of sarcastic writing right in City Paper to criticize, not to mention bad photography. In Jan. 6’s City Paper, the contents page is graced with a shot of a man walking by a wall, with nothing interesting about it or the context, while the criticized InTowner at least couples the lampooned photos of local buildings with articles about the properties in question.

What happened to the hard-hitting journalism of the past at City Paper, taking on local politicians, scams, and crooks, articles other papers are afraid to print? Bashing others is easy, actual investigative reporting not so much.

Dupont Circle


We apologize for denying readers the scoop on our holiday party. It took place on Dec. 17 at Avenue. Free food and drinks, too.