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Thank you for the cover story on questionable sales of apartment buildings (“The Painmaker,” 1/13). I live in one of them. Because we still have the right to petition in court against the questionable sales, we are working diligently to make the deadline of Jan. 21. Kevin Fitzgerald is helping us step by step.

Many of the events Ryan Grim described happened at my building also. There was a “change in management” after the 95/5 sale. Rent increases occurred like clockwork with no regard for the stipulated consumer price index. The new property management disregarded needed repairs. My bathroom ceiling collapsed due to water buildup from leakage. It was patched up and painted over. Now water marks can be seen on the ceiling again, and I am living under constant anxiety that one of these days I could get buried alive in the bathroom.

When my requests for repairs were ignored, I withheld rent. The landlord sent me an eviction notice. A few days before the court date, the landlord sent someone with a “list of repairs” needed. Thinking the landlord would make the repairs, I did not mention them in court. Unfortunately, the repairs were never made. I can go on and on.

Owners of the building are no better than the Mafia, except instead of machine guns, they are using Richard Luchs & Co.

Brightwood Park