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Thank you for Ryan Grim’s Friday-the-13th exposé on Richard W. Luchs, Esq. The “Luchs Machine” has long been in the cross hairs of aggrieved D.C. tenants, tenant associations, and their lawyers. But it’s taken the able and courageous Councilmember Jim Graham to pull the trigger.

Surely the revelations about problems with D.C.’s rent control aren’t over. You are reporting only the beginning. More shoes are likely to drop. For example, why did a low-level staff worker at the DCRA who is not an attorney (Linda Harried), sign off on multi-million-dollar real-estate deals? Who was behind her? How is it that Luchs was able to produce documents—rabbitlike from his magician’s hat (briefcase)—as described in the article by the experience of Kim Fahrenholz? Is the new DCRA administrator, Patrick Canavan, up to the task of reforming the DCRA? It must be a migraine job.

Keep up the coverage. The full story has yet to unfold. Ryan Grim has his work cut out for him.

President Cleveland House Tenants Association