Do you stalk Michel Richard? Eat so much Five Guys that you now look like six? Know that Buck’s Fishing & Camping offers neither? None of that stands to help you with this quiz—but you probably don’t have a fighting chance, anyway. To the top scorer, we’ll give $100. In the spirit of the contest, we hope you’d spend it in one of Washington’s fine restaurants, but you can blow it all at Home Depot if you prefer. Ties will be resolved by a random draw.

You have two ways to enter: Mail your answers to Food Quiz, 2390 Champlain St. NW, Washington, DC 20009, in an envelope postmarked before Jan. 26 or, preferably, surf over to by then. Allez cuisine!

1-4. Match the wunderkind chef with his culinary mentor.

1.Cathal ArmstrongA. Jeffrey Buben2.Todd Gray B. David Craig3.Pedro Matamoros C. Roberto Donna4.Eric Ziebold D. Thomas Keller

5-7. Complete the line of succession for the doomed D.C. restaurant addresses listed. For example, given 1817 Columbia Road NW, you’d want to fill in “Cafe Sofia” between Rocky’s Cafe and Pharaoh’s Rock N’ Blues Bar & Grill, the current occupant.

601 F St. NW

F Street Sports Bar



1324 U St. NW



Al Crostino

824 New Hampshire Ave. NW

Zuki Moon


Notti Bianche

8-12. Match the D.C. power-dining establishment of yore with the current occupant of its address:

1.Le Bistro A. 21002.Jockey Club B. Banana Republic3.Le Lion d’Or C. Malaysia Kopitiam4.Rive Gauche D. McDonald’s5.Sans Souci E. Radio Shack

13. Which of the following trendy D.C. eateries was not designed by trendy D.C. design firm Adamstein & Demetriou?


UPDATE: Due to a fact-checking error by writer Mike DeBonis, Question 13 has no correct answer as published. Everyone gets this one right!

14-18. Match the pizzeria with its signature pie.

1.2 Amys A. Atomica2.Armand’s B. Bianca3.AV Ristorante Italiano C. Ducati4.Pizzeria Paradiso D. Etna5.Radius E. The Meatzza

19. When Galileo filed for bankruptcy in 2004, how much did it owe the District in back taxes?

A.$10,000 to $50,000B.$50,000 to $99,999C.$100,000 to $999,999D.Over $1 million

20. What is Roberto Donna’s Iron Chef America claim to shame?

A.He finished only two of five dishes.B.He was overheard insulting host Alton Brown in Italian.C.He stole Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s special miso.D.He didn’t include the theme ingredient in two of his dishes.

21. Which of the following isn’t a Great American Restaurant?

A.CarlyleB.Coastal FlatsC.Harry’s Tap RoomD.Sweetwater Tavern

22. Which prickly restaurateur recently demanded that food blogger Jason Storch not post camera-phone photos of his or her restaurant’s food?

A.Gillian ClarkB.Roberto DonnaC.Carole GreenwoodD.Peter Pastan

23-29. Put the following classic D.C. restaurants in chronological order of their openings:

AV Ristorante ItalianoCafe La RucheThe Childe HaroldNoraOld EuropeThe Prime RibTune Inn

30. Which D.C. restaurant amassed the most health-code violations warranting closure in 2005?

—Mike DeBonis and Chad Molter