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Sure, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong may rail against Bush and ring his eyes in black to toughen his choirboy face. But I’ll bet you never expected to hear 2005’s most popular political agitator growl anything like “All right, all right, I get the analogy. Would you please shut up and suck my cock?” to, say, a fan gushing about how she’s guided by his defiant light. (To his credit, he does follow up with a personal question: “What is your name, woman? So I know what to say when I shoot my multiple loads all over you!”) Armstrong, of course, doesn’t say this as himself—as far as we know—but as Charlie Hanson, the antihero with a yellow face, red eyes, and some serious Claudio Sanchez hair in writer-director John Roecker’s Live Freaky! Die Freaky! A stop-motion musical parody of the Manson Family murders, the movie begins in 3069, when Earth has become a barren desert and its inhabitants are looking for a god—whom they find when a copy of Manson-murder history Helter Skelter is discovered. From that point on, take the opening credits’ warning—”Not for the easily offended”—seriously: It’s now 1969, and Hanson and the rest of the rock-world-voiced claymation characters (including Armstrong’s bandmates and “Nelly Pozbourne,” nee Kelly Osbourne, as Sharon Hate) are about to get freaky indeed. There’s tons of blood, all manner of wide-open orifices, and plenty of bush and dick—though not the kind that make Armstrong himself homicidal. The film shows at midnight (presumably to ensure that The White Countess crowds have toddled off safely to bed) on Friday, Jan. 27, and Saturday, Jan. 28, at the Avalon Theatre, 5612 Connecticut Ave. NW. $9.50. (202) 966-6000. (Tricia Olszewski)