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If anything, Dave McKenna was far too gentle on WTEM (“Leaving the Band,” Cheap Seats, 1/20). The degree to which the station indulges Tony Kornheiser is only matched by the largesse of the Washington Post. Mr. Tony has been living off the reflected glory of his Redskins “bandwagon” for years. His shtick is always some predictable variant of “O.J. Simpson? I thought he played like Homer Simpson!” I get chills every time I am told this one-trick pony was actually interviewed for Monday Night Football.

The only thing Tony Kornheiser has in common with Howard Cosell is his propensity for referring to the less famous as “the littles.” His one contribution is to show that the “kiss-up, kick-down” culture of Washington is not limited to the equally charming John Bolton.

Tracys Landing, Md.