1427 Swann St. NW

List price: $799,000

Previous sale price: $297,500 (May 1999)

Square footage: 1,322

Though the New York Times recently called the 14th Street corridor “a blazing stretch of storefronts that, after decades of neglect, is fast becoming home to some of the city’s edgiest art and commerce,” the sellers of this two-bedroom Victorian opt for a more tried-and-true locale in their sales pitch: “Dupont East.” But the house is edgy all the same: Take, for instance, the robust layer of green gunk covering the small wooden deck out back or the dirt crawl space under the house that, as a flier reinforces, is “not livable.” And good luck negotiating the dense cluster of closet doors at the entry to the master bedroom. The edginess stops in the master bathroom, however: It’s Danish modern, with IKEA-esque cabinets and sink unit. —Brian Beutler