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In the past few weeks, the members of the TakomaDC message board have posted messages in search of a brownie recipe, a decent TV-repair shop, and a dog acupuncturist, plus offers to start a pet-sitting exchange, sell a “table-style” desk, and give away free kittens and a microwave (“very clean!!”) . On Feb. 10, TakomaDC’s members received a giveaway offer of a different sort: a chance to adopt two Indian children, Prasad and Ragini. According to the posting, 6-year-old Prasad, a “handsome young boy with big dark eyes,” “is growing up!” and is “considered to be meeting his developmental milestones.” The posting went on to detail Prasad’s hepatitis B status. Ragini, also 6, was described as a “fun loving” girl who “enjoys playing with the other children.” The message ended with the name and number of the adoption agency. Carol Mulholland, who originally posted the message on a small community forum, says the better-read TakomaDC group might not have been the best forum for her information. “If you don’t know that somebody’s already thinking about adoption, I wouldn’t make that presumption and put that out there,” she says. —Jason Cherkis