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Pastor: the Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Krehbiel

Sunday Attendance: about 65

Service Length: 1 hour

Sample Worshipper Dress: bright green sweater,black slacks

Children: none

Congregational Fervor

Upon entry, all worshippers are greeted by the Presbyterian church’s staff and asked to don name tags in order to be easily identified by their peers. Many of the tags—specially printed for each service—are decorated with art by local painters and quotes drawn from the forthcoming sermon. At a recent service, one displayed a quote by Paul from 1 Corinthians 9:19: “I have made myself a slave to all.” A clip-art chain was positioned beneath it to reinforce the point.HHHHH

Food forthe Soul

“I can’t imagine a more unpopular stance to take in our country right now than to say you are against freedom,” said Krehbiel, at the beginning of a sermon titled “Freedom and Slavery.” Yet this was the camp in which he placed himself, proclaiming, “It strikes me that freedom is not the highest value in the Bible.” The luxury of doing what you want to do all the time, Krehbiel said, is not of greatest importance: “It is not our own personal happiness that drives things but the freedom of others.”HHHHH

Food forthe Body

A coffee hour is held in a lounge where congregants can enjoy the work of local artists as they sip on a post-service cup o’ joe. For those with a heartier appetite, a snack table after a recent service offered luncheon meats, fresh vegetables, and a plate of nicely crispy chicken nuggets. HHHHH

Overall Worship Power Rating

In its mission statement, the Church of the Pilgrims states, “We intend to grow by celebrating the diversity and wonder of God’s creation, through vital worship and music experiences and by spiritual nurture and service to others.” In order to make good on these words, Krehbiel isn’t afraid to take the music into his own hands. After a brief greeting to worshippers, he strapped on an acoustic guitar to personally lead the congregation in a rousing, Garfunkel-esque take on “Jesus, Let Us Come to Know You.” HHHHH

—Aaron Leitko