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Closed: Jan. 26

Reopened: Jan. 30

History: Municipal was closed March 25, 2004, for having unclean food-contact surfaces and equipment, no certified food supervisor on duty, uncovered and unprotected food on display, and plumbing fixtures in poor repair.

Health Department Says: no hot water; operating without valid license; no certified food manager or person in charge on duty

Business Says: Manager John Tekeste taped a yellow piece of paper to the door that read, “SORRY CLOSED NO HOT WATER.” Tekeste says that the store, which he has managed for 18 years, doesn’t need hot water, because it serves only prepackaged sodas and snacks. In order to reopen his business, he says, he plans to bring a hot-water tank from home. He also claims that the city inspector neglected to look at his most recent business license, which doesn’t expire until 2007. “They stupid people,” he says. “They make mistakes.”