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Closed: Feb. 13

Reopened: Feb. 15

History: No citations are listed in city records dating back to 1999.

Health Department Says: no hot water; no certified food manager on premises

Business Says: On Feb. 14, owner Nader Davoodi posted a sign that read, “Due to a broken water heater we are unable to open today. We apologize. —Havana Cafe.” A new, $2,000 hot-water heater that Davoodi had purchased was yet to be installed. He admits it was his fault for operating with a broken heater but assigns some of the blame to his fellow International Square Food Court tenants—who, he says, used up all the hot water right before the inspector came at 2 p.m. “Usually after 1:30,” he says, “nobody has hot water, anyway.”

—Rachel Beckman