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Last week, for the first time in his 37 years, Scott Bishop Jr. agreed to work against his father, Scott Bishop Sr. On Feb. 22, Scott Jr. and his ex-wife, Crystal Bishop, agreed to cooperate with authorities investigating the family’s alleged involvement in submitting faulty nominating petitions on behalf of Mayor Anthony A. Williams in 2002 (“Leave These People Alone,” 12/9/2005). As first reported by the Washington Post, the two could have their guilty pleas and charges dismissed if they testify against Scott Sr., whose attorney, David Wilmot, was surprised by their deal. “I don’t know they are capable of testifying,” Wilmot says. “They are mentally challenged. If they say they are the witnesses they are using, I’m excited.” Scott Jr. is less excited. After accepting the plea bargain, he told his father about his long day in court. But Scott Jr. says he never told his father he would testify against him. That’s because Scott Jr. didn’t realize he’d have to. “I was told to do this….[My lawyer] didn’t think the medication was good, all the hospitals I been to, for me to stand trial,” he says. He adds that the prospect of taking the stand against his father is upsetting. “I don’t know which way to go, what to say, what to do.”—Jason Cherkis