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It’s always amusing when spoiled rich brats such as John Tsombikos, aka Borf, suddenly realize that life is actually hard and that even though Mommy and Daddy have pampered them, bad things might happen—even to them (“The Tagger, Confined,” 2/24)! Tsombikos was moved by a friend’s suicide and decided that—and now for something completely different—“American culture values property more than people.” That’s not an unusual epiphany for kids who grew up surrounded by material comfort, but sorry Tsombikos, it’s also bullshit. While a few wealthy and powerful individuals might actually hold that view, the vast majority of Americans are quite aware that people matter more than property and live their lives accordingly.

Tsombikos is determined to force his bullshit on the rest of us, like it or not. He “creates” vandalism for the same reason some people “create” murder: for a higher cause. Tell you what, Tsombikos: Now that you’re so down with the poor folk because of your little tourist holiday in jail, why don’t you walk into one of their neighborhoods and “create vandalism” on the side of someone’s house?

The person who lives there probably actually has to work for a living. He goes to a job he probably does not like every single day, and will for decades, and he bought property that he values because it’s worth not only money but also his very freedom. See if he appreciates your efforts to teach him about life. Chances are good that you’ll have plenty of time to have more epiphanies from the comfort of your hospital bed. And then when you get out, get a fucking job and grow up.

Silver Spring, Md.