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When it comes to pushing D.C. voting rights, no audience is too small, too nerdy, or too literate. So goes the thinking of Politics and Prose co-owner Carla Cohen, who has taken her pitch for D.C. statehood to C-SPAN 2. The public-affairs network’s BookTV airs events from the Connecticut Avenue NW bookstore about four times a month, and, for the past three years, Cohen has talked up the cause during her author introductions. “I try to tell voters…to please let their congressmen know that they think D.C. voters should have a voice,” says Cohen, who gives her pre-lecture spiel only when C-SPAN cameras are present. Most recently, she educated those who tuned in on Feb. 26 to see author Edward D. Berkowitz plug his book Something Happened: A Political and Cultural Overview of the Seventies. Berkowitz didn’t mind the dose of politics: “It takes only a few seconds, and no one gets hurt,” he says. “And I got to be on C-SPAN.” The network doesn’t keep viewership stats, so there’s no telling exactly how many literary aficionados she’s reaching. Cohen says she’s gotten only kudos for her efforts. “Very few people around the United States know that [D.C. doesn’t] have a vote in Congress,” she says. “Most people find that shocking.”—Rachel Beckman