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STANDOUT TRACK: No. 3, “Let’s Start Over,” a spacious, guitarless pseudoballad that would be perfect for scoring a TV scene about two young lovers making a big decision. “We’ll take the car and point it West,” sings the 29-year-old Bragg. “Pack just one bag and just leave the rest/Right here, right now.”

MUSICAL MOTIVATION: When the song was written, the vocalist/guitarist says via e-mail, “[m]y wife and I had just decided to leave our jobs, sell our place, pack our things into storage, hand our cats off to my parents, and travel for the next year.” The couple, who lived in Alexandria before hitting the road, have been to Australia, Greece, Italy, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. Most recently, they were in New Zealand. “Obviously, some days are better than others,” Bragg writes. “[B]ut you can’t really feel sorry for yourself when everyone at home is shoveling snow and going to work every day.”

ROAD RULES: Although Terminals drummer Jonathan Roth says he’d be pleased if “Let’s Start Over” made it onto The OC, he and his bandmates did try to avoid making it sound too over-the-top. “We consciously decided to keep the chord progression very simple,” says Brooklyn-based pianist Brian Minter. “There’s only a handful of basic chords in the song.” When asked how the result compares to other road-trip tunes, Roth puts it this way: “The only other road-trip song I can think of off the top of my head is ‘Holiday Road’ from National Lampoon’s Vacation movies. ‘Let’s Start Over’ is totally a better song than that.” —Joe Warminsky