Highfalutin’ Georgetown is a ways from the train tracks (or even a Metro station), but this works to the advantage of “Wall Snatchers,” a show of graffiti-based works presented by the Washington Project for the ArtsCorcoran. Never before has so much anti-bourgeois anomie been invited into the heart of Babylon. Curated by District-based street-cum-gallery artist Kelly Towles, “Wall Snatchers” showcases murals by nationally visible stars of the genre, whose names all read like Halo avatars (Bask, Eon, Nick Z, fi5e). We Made It, a mural by Mr. Never, plays on the pastels and slogans of candy hearts. Tes One’s composition assembles nongraffiti decals and vectors from the urban grid. Locals looking for Borf or the beloved Cool “Disco” Dan may long for the low-fi branding this ornamental show lacks—but they’ll be pleased that it’s also without Barry McGee retreads, the most common pitfall of street-art shows with high ambitions. If there’s any worry that the street has lost its fangs, let fi5e’s light projections and Faile’s positively baroque painting remind graffiti fans that formal innovation and recognition have only been a boon to the genre. The exhibition is on view from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. (see City List for other dates) at WPAC, 3307 M St. NW. Free. (202) 639-1828. (Kriston Capps)