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In 2002, tenants of the August building in Dupont Circle challenged the sale of their digs, arguing that they never received their legally sanctioned right of first refusal. The attorney representing Leonard Greenberg, the building’s owner, urged Judge S. Martin Teel Jr. to rule against the tenants—lest they freeze to death. The heating system, argued the attorney, was “in dire need” of more than $300,000 of work, “failing which, the tenants will not have heat this winter.” So Greenberg proposed another sale of the August, to a buyer with the means to deliver warmth—Virgina-based Fleetwood Capital Group, which did not return calls for comment. In August 2003, the judge approved the transaction so that the new owner could fix the problem. Except Fleetwood didn’t. Tenants say there were no problems with the heating system during the winter of 2003 or 2004. One unit’s heat acted up in November 2005, but it was easily remedied. “They sent a few Hispanic workers to fix the pipes,” says tenant Peg Shaw. “They patched the pipe or whatever, and it’s been fine since then.” —Ryan Grim