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Closed: March 1

Reopened: March 2

History: No citations are listed in city records dating back to 1999.

Health Department Says: evidence of rodents; no certified food supervisor; operating a food establishment with “gross unsanitary conditions”

Business Says: City’s fault. Tom Lotfabadi, who owns the wholesale meat company, says that two of his employees are certified food supervisors, but neither of them could get pictures taken for their licenses because the city’s camera has been broken for a month. “We called every day, and they got irritated and said, ‘We will call you when the machine [is] fixed,’” Lotfabadi says. “They never called.” A health-department supervisor says the machine has never been down for a month, but it does appear to have a spotty work record: When a reporter called to check on the machine’s status on March 7, it was on the fritz. Lotfabadi denies the rodent problem but does ’fess up to an offense that the city didn’t catch. “It was a problem with the bathroom,” he says. “There was no towels.”