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It was with great interest that I read “News You Can Abuse” (3/17). The subject of newspaper boxes is one that has long fascinated civilized man, possibly as far back as the time of the construction of the pyramids.

However, author Huan Hsu misses an obvious contradiction in the aspect of vandalization. The First Amendment allows for distribution of printed matter via newspaper boxes; that same amendment allows the boxes to be vandalized. Hsu states that the boxes are being used as makeshift housing, sleds, and bulletin boards. What the author doesn’t state is that sledding and graffiti are also protected by the First Amendment.

And why not? The article cites the words “HARRIET MIERS IS AN INEXPERIENCE COCKSUCKING CRACKER WHORE” scrawled on the side of a newspaper box. This news item has obviously been ignored by the mainstream media, and it is news that the public desperately needs to know about. Frankly, I was under the impression that the only cracker whore was Andy Griffith, who sold Ritz Crackers a few years ago with the slogan “Everything tastes great when it sits on a Ritz.”

The problem is that the far left does not have another venue for its ideas. Certainly it prints newspapers, but it cannot distribute these papers due to the fact that the far right uses its newspaper boxes as sleds. And no one can do anything about it, because sledding is protected under the First Amendment. This was precisely the moral behind Orson Welles’ classic Citizen Kane.

When we accept the fact that newspaper boxes can dispense information to citizens, we have to also accept the fact that citizens can dispense information to the newspaper boxes. The First Amendment is a two-way street, and if you are going downhill on that street, I know where you can get a toboggan.

Manassas, Va.