Astrophysicists enjoy speaking abstrusely, especially when they’re not quite sure what they’re talking about. Like relativistic ejecta, for example, which they define as “narrow, collimated streams of particles and energy extending from the inner parts of the optical galaxy to beyond its outskirts”—or not. Science is still unsure where these jets come from, but one thing is clear: The interstellar light shows sure are purdy. As with the recent photos of geysers on Saturn, much of the imagery from space is so breathtakingly beautiful that it tempts one to entertain the theory of intelligent design. Question Dr. Rita M. Sambruna’s faith when she discusses “Long, Fast, and Multicolor Fireworks From the Center of Galaxies” at 8:15 p.m. at the Cosmos Club’s John Wesley Powell Auditorium, 2170 Florida Ave. NW. Free. (703) 370-5282. (Dave Nuttycombe)