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While I thought the movie V for Vendetta was brilliant in its own way, I cringed at the line of dialogue “Blowing up a building can change the world” that you quoted in your review (“Spinning Out of Control,” 3/17). I doubt I was alone in thinking that was a bit uncalled for. There is nothing heroic or visionary about the deeds of Osama Bin Laden. If the Bush administration is full of chickenhawks who pose for photo-ops with military gear while others die, Bin Laden would be quite happy among them. Like Bush, Bin Laden sent 3,000 people to their deaths and seems to think very little of shedding other people’s blood. Like Bush, Bin Laden is a man of narrow goals who thrives on the ignorance of his followers and, also like Bush, must start each day amazed that, after years of death and dying, people still line up for the cause. But you know how it goes. There’s always plenty of innocent lives to throw at the fence.

So, please, no words of praise for terrorists on either side of it.

Greenbelt, Md.